July 7, 2016
July 7, 2016 TFW


Whilst yesterday was the first day of work, today was the first day of working out.  Being away for so long means that I need to find a trainer in the city and, as I need to follow a fairly specific regime, this was no mean feat.  However, with a lot of help from friends (and a few remarkable coincidences thrown in for good measure) I met with Mr PT today.

Dog lift

Needless to say, there was an element of trepidation on my part (which translates into an element of coaching on Mr TFWs part).  I seem to be suffering from delayed jet lag and have been unconscionably tired.  Combine that with the searing heat (even the locals have said it is unseasonably hot) and the conditions were not ideal to make a good first impression.  However, all that pales into insignificance when compared to the fact that I was just plain nervous about not turning up and looking like a fool in front of someone who had been recommended to me (and I to him).

The whole pre-training nerves were not helped by the fact that I knew for a fact that we would be looking at my back squat as a way of establishing a baseline of strength/mobility.  This came out of the following conversation:

PT ‘what’s your best event?’

Me: ‘deadlift’ *naively hoping that this is where we would start*

PT: ‘We will start with squats then.’

However, when all was said and done it turned out I had nothing to fear.  Not because I knocked it out of the park, but because my honorary PT turns out to be really nice and really good at hiding any concerns with my performance/level of fitness/fact that I was as red as a tomato pretty much before we started.

Aside from training, today affirmed my suspicions that Joe’s coffee is clearly going to become something of a ritual (or should that be habit…?). When you walk five blocks out of your way into work in the blistering sun to get your fix drink in the morning you know you are there to stay… I also had a lovely lunch with a friend from work, we went to Kashkaval Garden a real gem of a place, popular with the local work crowd, which serves fantastically tasty (and generous) tapas for a very reasonable price.  I plan on going back when I can do the portion sizes justice, namely not when I am about to head off for a lifting session..


Happy to have survived my first day of training I celebrated, and endeavoured to kick start a healthy eating campaign (until the next peanut butter chocolate cake comes along…) by heading to Sun in Bloom for an amazing macro bowl.  I seriously recommend this as an option, it is ridiculously filling and any concerns as to the taste factor are overcome by a deliciously tangy and flavourful dressing.  Amazed at my restraint on the dessert front, I headed out as the sun started to set and reflected on a good day.

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