June 26, 2013
June 26, 2013 TFW


Glamping Toiletries Skincare

As regular readers will know, the other week TFW went glamping.  Whilst this brought with it many dilemmas a key one had to be the question of travel toiletries and skincare.  Put another way, what should a skincare obsessive pack to avoid the inevitable “you are taking how many bottles with you!?!?” from one’s travel companion.  I will post detailed reviews on a number of these products at a future date but for now, I wanted to provide a brief overview of what I packed (and why) together with my top tip on travel toiletries: the magic of samples.

So, I whittled the full size bottles down to the following: hydraluron (my go-to, hero product, have a slight psychological attachment to and won’t leave the house without); Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (a good all-rounder – perfect for soothing a beach/wind-chapped face but not too heavy if the glamping weather wasn’t that challenging); Sisley Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm (another hero product for which I apologise given that it requires the donation of a kidney to the kind folk at Sisley HQ); my perfume (Kiehls musk oil – a good day to night number); and Living Proof Restore Repair Cream (I have been trialling this and I have to say I’m not overly impressed but more on that in a later post).  Everything else (well apart from the toothpaste) was provided courtesy of the nice people at Space NK/Cult Beauty and the natty little samples they give you with each order.

Travel Toiletries Skincare Samples

I always take samples on holiday, they are light, the perfect size and mean that you can either give new products a test (if you are willing to risk it) or take old faithfuls with you without worrying about carting numerous bottles around.  There was something quite pleasing about glamping in the Norfolk countryside whilst dousing myself with Sisley body cream and face wash, Eve Lom serum and Omorovicza moisturiser.  I also packed shampoo and conditioner samples (Phyto and Oribe).  Fortunately, I had recently taken stock of an Alpha-H liquid gold sample just before we left so I could even ensure the old glycolic toning didn’t go out the window whilst we were away.

What I tend to do these days is squirrel away all the samples I get (and don’t want to test immediately) into an old make up bag and then take my pick whenever we go away.  It cuts down on packing, I don’t have to buy mini sized bottles of everything and I get to pamper all at the same time, happy days…

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