July 12, 2016
July 12, 2016 TFW


There are some posts that are difficult to write.  Not because you don’t know what to say or are somehow lacking in content but because you know there is nothing that you can say, and no pictures that you can post, that will do the subject justice.  This is one of those posts.  Last night we went to the Time Out Rooftop Cinema Club in Bushwick and it was truly fantastic.  So, if you take nothing else from this review let it be this.  If you are in New York over the summer, go to one of these events: they won’t disappoint.

The rooftop in question was the 15,000 square feet roof of the Office Ops building located in the East Williamsburg Industrial Park.  You arrive at an impressive warehouse office and climb the (many!) stairs, past metal industrial sliding doors, exposed brick and over concrete floors. However, as impressive as the building was itself, this was not the star of the show.

Office opsStairwellAs you reached the top of the stairwell, you turned left, walked through the last of the doors and were met with the most incredible, most iconic, view of the Manhattan skyline.  For some reason I really was not expecting to be presented with such an expansive horizon and to witness my favourite view of my favourite city in this way truly took my breath away.  It was such a privilege and none of the many, many, pictures I took will do it justice.  It is for this reason that, although the screenings also take place in Manhattan, I think it is really worth coming out to Brooklyn – so that you get to see the whole skyline rather than just a part of it (although I am sure both have their charms).

Picket fenceCloudsThe evening’s vista was further enhanced by the outstanding sunset we were treated to.  What we didn’t know was that yesterday was actually Manhattan Henge day.  That is, one of the two evenings of the year where the sun sets in perfect alignment with the city’s grid system, framing the sun between the buildings as it sets.  There are some incredible photographs online but, needless to say, the view from above the city was just as awe inspiring.

Clouds 2Chairs 3sunset 3 (1)SilhouetteSunset 2Sunset 3SunsetThe event itself was incredibly well run.  You are free to bring in your own food and drink (or order a delivery!) although there are drinks and popcorn available to buy.  We saw Vertigo (I had forgotten quite how controlling he was…) and are due for a return visit next week to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Well, it had to be done right?

Projector boothPretty ladyEnd of night

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