November 6, 2011
November 6, 2011 TFW


Taylor Stitch (formerly The Common) is a menswear store in San Francisco that specialises in ‘purveying, producing and designing durable and timeless staples crafted using traditional manufacturing techniques’ and specialise they do.   The store is a veritable collection of artisanal and often locally designed products (MAKR Carry Goods and Grown & Sewn to name but a few) selling clothes, accessories and some great gift ideas (the MAKR bottle key that you can have cut into a working key is a particular favourite).  The store itself is an exercise in design and it is well worth the time to have a look at their regularly changing stock.  Whilst there, take the opportunity to chat Taylor Stitch’s owners who are always enthusiastic to talk about their carefully selected suppliers/products and who are remarkably willing to sharing their top recommendations for other stores to visit in the area.

TFW key purchases from Taylor Stitch? A pair of Yuketen Maine Guide boots in brown (Yuketen article and images care of Durable Goods Concern is available here), Grown & Sewn Kax Artisan 50-year Artisan trousers and the MAKR bottle key.  Notwithstanding that Taylor Stitch is a menswear store there are a number of unisex items for female shoppers and TFW also took home the W.M. J. Mills & Co Jitney Cargo Bag in black and MAKR Standard Canvas Fold Weekender in grey.

Taylor Stitch

In addition to third party goods, the store also stocks their own brand shirts; a collection of locally made shirts (offering both ready-to-wear and custom tailored) that are exceptionally well made and include the perfect weekend check.   Drawing their inspiration from a wide range of influences (from Jack Kerouac and Keith Richards to the English spread collar) Taylor Stitch produces a casual shirt to suit most tastes.

The facts: Taylor Stitch, 383 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA 94103.


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