January 24, 2014
January 24, 2014 TFW


Sun in Bloom pancakes

The message of this review is unequivocal: Sun in Bloom Brooklyn makes the best vegan breakfast in New York City.  Specifically, it makes the best vegan pancakes in New York City, which happen to be gluten-free and hold their own against the non-vegan variety the city has to offer.  If you are a vegan, breakfast fiend or pancake lover visiting New York we highly recommend you take a pit stop to Sun in Bloom.  Right, having put our cards on the table, on with the review.

In the interests of full disclosure, Sun In Bloom (owned by Aimee Follette) is a vegan, raw, gluten-free bakery in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn.  Now, don’t let that description put you off.  The food is incredible and defies stereotypes of vegan, raw, gluten-free food and restaurants.  The food is full of flavour, as far from cardboard as you can imagine, housed in a stylish environment with friendly staff and you don’t have to have spirulina with every meal.  The restaurant, which has undergone a recent renovation, is a relaxed space with exposed brick and a mix of communal and individual tables.  It creates a stylish yet unpretentious environment, outcomes that can be difficulty to come by.  It’s an atmosphere that is helped by Sun in Bloom appreciating the importance of properly enjoying brunch, free from technical distractions…

Sun in Bloom

Sun in Bloom water

Whilst the decor is appreciated, it is the food that you want to come to Sun In Bloom for (as does Usher by all accounts).  First up, the coffee packs a pleasing punch, which can be a rare find (as ever, order the Americano if filter coffee doesn’t quite meet the caffeine grade for you).  Next up was the granola with coconut keffir, which made a pleasing side dish to the main event: the pancakes.  Perhaps one shouldn’t wax so lyrical about a pancake but those of you who are often denied this culinary pleasure will understand the level of excitement that this circle of loveliness can bring.  The pancakes were light, fluffy and full of flavour.  Arguably indistinguishable from the non-vegan, gluten variety, the Sun In Bloom classic pancakes are served with either banana and blueberries or apple pie toppings.  We opted for the former that, when combined with the high-grade maple syrup that that pancakes are served with, create the perfect taste combination.

Sun in Bloom coffee
Sun in Bloom granola

Sun in Bloom

The restaurant offers an array of savoury delights; the burger and BLT to name but a few.  Whilst we have yet to try these they too receive high praise in the blogosphere so are no doubt worth a try.

The facts: Sun in Bloom is open weekdays from 8.30-9pm and weekends from 10 – 5pm.  Its website is here and it can be found at 560 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (between 5th Ave and Flatbush Ave).

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