Strongwoman Class #60DaysOfFitness

March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017 TFW

Strongwoman Class #60DaysOfFitness

Tuesday night is strongwoman class in the week’s diary of fitness.  It’s also what I like to call ‘death by sandbag’ night but more on that later.  The class is 90 minutes long and is an essential part of me getting anywhere near close to both strong and fit.  It’s the time where you get pushed to your limits, wonder whether you are going to survive the warm-up let alone the rest of it and then feel awesome at the end when you realise you did.  It’s also the time where you get to work out with an incredible group of people who genuinely want nothing but success for each other.  I will do a separate post on this class in more detail as it is seriously fundamental to my new found relationship with strength training and I want to do it justice in a separate review of its own.

So, with that, on with this week’s strongwoman class.  As I mentioned, the sandbag of doom (its official name) was the star of the show this week.  We ran with them, we played catch with them, we ran with them some more.  We then interspersed them with farmer’s walks.  Short but numerous walks, then longer ones where I am pretty sure my arms stretched by an inch.  Then, when you think you are done, let’s all go for another sandbag run but a REALLY long one this time.  Part of our training is outside and I am pretty sure the only thing that got me through the last run was the bemused look on people’s faces as a group of men and women (we are an inclusive strongwoman class) ran by lugging bags with them.  I was using a mix of the 55kg bag (which is pretty much my max) and the 45kg (for the longer runs, which was definitely my max by then) and 45kg farmers (not my max but this was a volume exercise).

One of the crucial things of the class for me is that it demonstrates my serious issues with strength stamina whilst simultaneously working on it.  I am okay-ish with one rep maxes but ask me to do anything for an extended period and my legs hurt and my brain wants me to give up.  Working in the class with other people who don’t have the same affliction (i.e. complain) seriously helps with getting me to buck up and quit complaining.  Although I *think* I still have some way to go.

*Update* the following day I got diagnosed with a chest infection and am now dosed up on antiobiotics.  So, bad news, I am ill right at the start of #60DaysOfTraining.  Silver lining: maybe that’s why I was so bad at the sandbags… maybe.. ?

Oh, and on one final note, if Google and autocorrect could stop trying to change strongwoman to strongman that would be awesome.  Not an oxymoron or a typo folks.

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