June 21, 2013
June 21, 2013 TFW


Juniper and Lily Gluten Free Raspberry Macaroon

A happy discovery at the Marylebone Summer Fayre at the weekend was Juniper and Lily, a new catering duo offering delicious gluten-free (and therefore surely good for you right?) treats.  This little discovery demonstrates the values of these fayres, not only do you get to sample the goods but you also have the opportunity to meet the people behind the brand (in this case Ana and Tassja) and really get a sense of their ethos and the passion behind their product.

The first thing that was evident about Juniper and Lily was the care that had been put into every step of the business.  The branding was beautiful, the products were both delicious and impeccably presented whilst the ingredients reflected the brand ethos that food should nourish the body (it was good to find a company embracing the brilliance of coconut, not vegetable, oil).  The second thing that was evident was that the cakes were good: really, really good.  It is possible that we went back for seconds; aka stock up on reinforcements for the following week.  Having now looked into this brand in a little more detail, their website (which continues this attention to detail) is definitely worth a visit.  Not only does it share a bit more about the company’s values and approach to cooking, it also somewhat selflessly shares their recipes, which are definitely well worth a look.

Juniper and Lily Gluten Free Chocolate Loaf Cake

Juniper and Lily’s website can be found here.  In the meantime, here’s hoping we see a lot more of them during the London summer fayre season.

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