Deadlifts are the Best Lifts #60DaysOfFitness

March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017 TFW

Deadlifts are the Best Lifts #60DaysOfFitness

Deadlift Friday rules.  That end of week ‘treat’ because deadlifts are indeed the best lifts.  Last year I really focussed on my deadlift and, notwithstanding my ongoing ‘quirky’ form (I mean is bracing properly really necessary), managed to get a passable-ish one lift max.  Since then, I’ve not been focussed on my deadlift as we have been focussing on strongwoman training so my 1 rep max has, ahem, gone a little downhill.  As such, it’s always nice to have a cheeky training session to remind my body what a deadlift is and that yes, at some point, you will need to brace properly.

Today we only did baby weights as I am still feeling ropey and am on the antibiotics of hell (in that they make me feel like there is a furnace burning inside of me).  However, doing lighter lifts does mean that I can try and focus on form.  I don’t know why, but I don’t seem to be able to get it into my head that I just need to brace properly and not round my back.  Well, I do know why.  It’s because even though I am told this EVERY training session, I seem to fail to be able to lock in my lats.  It’s official, my lats are losers.

In very good news though, there was some pull up progress.  Notwithstanding that I can do chin ups (kinda) and that I really should be able to do a pull up by now it’s been something that has always eluded me.  The picture above is a demonstration of how far (or how little) I could go when I was trying to learn in New York over the summer (and I was about 7,000 kg leaner).   I can pretty much do them but its the last few inches that I struggle with.  However, with a little help from a very knowledgeable friend it turns out ‘it’s not a strength issue, but a mobility one.’  I was shrugging my shoulders up too high apparently.  So, I pulled my shoulders down and voila – a (kind of) pull up.  I suspect people were being somewhat kind in telling me it was a fully complete one but nevertheless it was a vast improvement.

So, on that exciting news, its off to Watergate Bay I go for a very special celebration.

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