June 14, 2013
June 14, 2013 TFW


Christian Dior Creme Abricot

Yes, this is a post about cuticle cream, the Christian Dior Creme Abricot to be precise.  Yes, this is a post about a pink (or more accurately “apricot”), sticky, gooey cuticle cream.  But it’s good.  It’s VERY good.  And it’s pink (apricot), sticky and gooey.

I have to confess that for me, cuticle creams are a bit like flossing.  I know I need to do it, I know it’s good for me and moreover I know it makes the difference between my manicures looking like a poor attempt at improving a set of long neglected digits and something actually resembling “well-groomed,” but I have just never managed to get into the habit.  Until now that is.  I think part of the reason for my hitherto lack of attention was the predominance of cuticle oil, nice in theory but irritating if you want to do anything remotely useful afterwards.  I think the other reason was that I also failed to see a material difference in using them.  This is where the Creme Abricot comes in.  You see, it actually works.  Not only is the skin around my nails less dry but my nails are noticeably stronger.

So, to usage.  I keep this little pot by my bed and, when I remember, I put it on at night and let it do its magic.  It is sticky so to a degree you are constrained in a similar way to cuticle oils but it is no way near as bad (being a thick cream it doesn’t run everywhere).  The scent is also quite nice but either way not at all over-powering.  Personally, I prefer to apply the cream quite well in advance of painting my nails – I do it the night before and don’t reapply before a manicure.  If you do apply the cream just before a manicure the consistency is such that you would need to use nail varnish remover on the nail before applying polish.

In summary, it’s clearly not the cheapest of cuticle creams but it will last an exceptionally long time.  It also makes a great present for people interested in all things beauty related (it has been gratefully received by many TFW friends).

Christian Dior Creme Abricot

The facts: The pot contains 10 g of product and retails (in the UK) at circa £19.  The good news is that you can buy it at boots here, which means boots points (these things make me happy).

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