July 8, 2016
July 8, 2016 TFW


It’s funny how you get into a routine, even when you are out of your routine.  Notwithstanding the ultimate irony of this, it is nevertheless the case that I have relocated some of my London living habits to NYC.  In particular, I have spent some of my first few days here following the usual pattern of getting up early, going to work, having breakfast at my desk etc etc.

However, as I was walking into work today and, as always, revelling in the early morning charms of the City the not so earth shattering thought hit me that if I loved the park so much at this time in the morning, why didn’t I just go and sit in it for a bit? Granted, this insight is not going to win me a Nobel prize but sometimes I do amaze myself at how I can miss the obvious.  So, for the ultimate treat this morning, rather than eating at my desk reading emails I took fifteen minutes out of my day and had my breakfast in the park.  It was such a simple thing – soaking up its calm whilst watching the city (literally in some cases) run by, but such a wonderful way to start the day.  The only slight risk to watch out for is a fly cutting breakfast short by nose diving into your chia seed pudding…

I thought I would share a few pictures of my daily commute (Central Park and all) to show you the sights that I get to see every morning.  The first are literally the view that hits me when I leave the brownstone and that takes my breath away every morning (the photos really don’t do it justice).  The last few are of Central Park.  I should be clear, I have not filtered these – the blue of the sky really is this incredible at 7.30 in the morning.

Brooklyn morning

Morning one

Breakfast viewThe latter part of the day was filled with a trip to Mamaroneck where I worked out at the amazing NY Strong. It’s a fantastic facility, which is a thirty minute train ride from Grand Central.  If anyone is interested in strong man/woman training this place is definitely worth a look.  They have a great array of kit and a really friendly set of people there to help.  Didn’t really bring my A game today but better that then nothing I guess!

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