July 3, 2016
July 3, 2016 TFW


Some love affairs are a slow burn, they take time to develop, for the parties to get to know each other.  Not so with me and New York (or, to be more accurate, Brooklyn).  My first day here was incredible and filled with all of my favourite things, courtesy of my very kind new housemate who showed me all the local sites.  If you have 24 hours in Brooklyn, there are worse ways to spend it than this…

The day started with a visit to the Brooklyn Flea Market, which I have reviewed before here but which is now in its outdoor summer home.  We got there early but there was still plenty to see and it was nice to explore the stalls before the sun got too hot.  The Flea Market is like no other – full of amazing artisans and curators either selling their own products or antiques telling tales of a bygone era.  There was jewellery from the 1890s to the 1980s, Eames-esque chairs and other midcentury delights.  A particular favourite was the incredible Lincoln and Berry Olive Oil, produced in California and a bottle of which may have come home with me.   One of the great things about the market though is the people, it attracts such a vast array of visitors you just want to stand there, with your iced coffee, and soak in the culture of the city.  It really does remind you of the creativity and individuality of the city and the people that are drawn to it.

From Flea Market to farmers’ market, we headed to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket near Prospect Park to do our weekly grocery shopping.  The food here was unbelievable, there were so many stalls of organic fruit and vegetables that almost look too good to eat.  It was a real treat to choose such wonderful produce and it really does change how you feel about the food that you then create – it’s so much more appealing when the produce is beautiful, you have picked it out yourself and spoken with the people who have grown it.   That said, in the interests of full disclosure the shopping wasn’t entirely virtuous – there may have been a visit to the vegan cookie stall and potentially the Castello di Borghese winery who we left having promised to go and visit their Long Island vineyard one weekend.


All that shopping worked up an appetite and I was delighted to discover that the wonderful Sun in Bloom was not too far away.  I have been to Sun in Bloom on a previous visit (review here) and it was a relief to discover that the food remains as amazing as before.  We shared avocado on toast (an obligatory delight but this one packs a punch above the rest with the addition of a chilli kick) and the pancakes, this trip adding the ‘apple pie’ fruit and coconut kefir.  Both gluten free and vegan, both delicious.  For coffee drinkers, the coffee here remains a serious contender (although opt for the Americano rather than filter if you like something stronger).

I made a quick detour to Manhattan (alas, no handbags at Angela Roi) via Meatpacking and the Highline.  It was a flying visit, so I shall talk more about these another day, but I just couldn’t resist indulging in one of my favourite places when I was so nearby.  For now, I shall just share a picture of the old school advertising that is a hallmark of the area.  I love the different typography that adorns the buildings in the neighbourhood, it really transports you to a different era.  The blossom in the main photograph was also taken from the Highline, which is now covered with all sorts of flora creating different spaces as you walk along the tracks.

High line fontsAfter meatpacking, I headed back to Brooklyn for dinner.  We prepared our meal using the farmers’ market delights and sat outside, with fairly lights illuminating the garden, reflecting on the day and the world at large (there was a LOT to talk about between a European and an American…).   The perfect day was topped off with a visit from a friendly firefly who came to say goodnight.  With that, it was time to go to bed and get ready for the adventures that tomorrow may bring…

Brooklyn sunset

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