July 5, 2016
July 5, 2016 TFW


Finally, my first 4th July in New York City! There was something of a painful irony in celebrating the ‘original brexit’ at this particular point in time but, glossing over that for now, it was otherwise a great day to relax with new friends, put off the start of the working week for another day and then get soaked to the bone such that you miss the fireworks…

The day started with a surprising win for the ‘let’s go to soul cycle’ side of my internal monologue.  Jumping in an Uber (not sure driving to an exercise class is a winner but I was running late) I headed over to Williamsburg to join the ‘Soul Family.’  If nothing else, the trip was worth it to see a stunning part of Brooklyn.  I was emailing in the back of the cab and looked up to suddenly see the Williamsburg Bridge ahead of me, framing the Manhattan skyline and presenting one of my favourite views of the city.  The rest of the area is this incredible and eclectic collection of buildings: industrial and residential, old and new – many covered in an amazing array of graffiti.


Graf 2

GraffitiThe class over (via unisex changing rooms (yep) and a not insignificant amount of spontaneous whooping from the class) it was time to get ready for Independence Day celebrations.  We headed over to the East River to join our hosts from the night before.  Arriving mid afternoon we all laid out in the sunshine, enjoying a picnic, playing cards and the funniest version of charades/’guess the word’ I have ever played (trust me – try it with multiple actors).  After a few hours, the Macy barges started to arrive (holding the fireworks) as did police helicopters, yellow water taxis and coast guards spraying red, white and blue water canons.  So far so good.  Then, after five hours of glorious weather, the rain came.  Hard.  We were soaked to the bone and eventually had to admit defeat and be washed away – missing the fireworks entirely! Unbelievable.  However, whilst we missed the end result it was everything a celebration should be – great company, great food and a lovely way to end the long weekend.

Before the rain    Water cannon Water taxiOn the way home I was treated to my first ‘showtime’ on the subway.  Whilst obviously entirely inappropriate and not at all allowed, two kids got on the subway train, declared it was ‘showtime’ and started performing a really impressive calisthenics routine.  Between them and the ridiculously good busker belting out Hotel California, it was one of the more entertaining journeys that I have had! For now, it is the end of a fantastic first few days in NYC, ready for the start of the working week…

Fireworks from afar


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