September 19, 2013
September 19, 2013 TFW


Best Coffee in Palo Alto

As our twitter followers will know, TFW is currently in California; Palo Alto to be exact.  What you may not know is the extent to which we at TFW HQ are complete and utter coffee obsessives.  The reason you don’t know this is because the ‘how we prepare our morning coffee’ post has been held in abeyance whilst we consider whether it crosses the line from connoisseur to crazy (it involves a timer…).  We share this to explain quite why the journey to find the best coffee in Palo Alto was not only necessary but harder than you may think.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure TFW likes America.  It likes it a LOT.  It particularly likes California.  A typical year involves a number of excursions to West coast (and, let’s face it, East) with many more wished for.  However, what we have typically struggled with in the good old US of A is finding a decent cup of coffee.  There are always the odd places tucked away but as a general rule, it’s not great.  Alas, for the first week in Palo Alto this rule proved true.

But then, the twitter gods took pity on us and @j_x_d suggested we tried Philz Coffee.  And tried we did.  It was good; very good.  None of this – would you like a weak espresso mixed with some tepid water malarkey.  Oh no.  This is proper, ceramic drip filter, “which of our circa 12 beans would you like to try,” properly prepared, at the right temperature, coffee.  After six days of drinking what can only be described as offensive muddy water, this was like coming home.  At last, a decent cup of Joe.  Ironically, from a man named Phil.

A couple of things to mention about Philz.  Don’t be fooled by the happy go lucky branding; this place is serious about its beans.  Secondly, the staff are not only friendly, they are ridiculously friendly.  Not in an over the top way, just in a really nice people kind of a way.  They also know their stuff so don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.  And the final hoorah – the place opens at 6am (most of its counterparts open their doors at 8am, making it too late for us).

So, if you are ever in downtown Palo Alto – go say hi to Phil.  In the meantime, to quote the man himself (well his twitter team), I hope the rest of your day rocks.

The facts: Philz website is here their twitter handle here their opening times depend on location, of which there are many (listed here), but as a rough rule of thumb work on 6am-8pm.


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