Say what…?!? Strongwoman Competition & #6MonthsOfFitness

November 1, 2017

So, it’s been a bit quiet around these parts.  The quick version of recent events is that I duly completed my #60DaysOfFitness, competed in (and, in a complete surprise, won) a strongwoman competition that was very important to me and started to make some serious strength gains.  Then, in August, I had an operation to remove some schwannomas from my dominant hand which resulted in three months off training and a loss of significant strength (with concomitant gains in fat).  Needless to say that the photo attached to this post is not an accurate portrayal of the current state of affairs.

Against this background, today I decided to do the only logical thing available to me – sign up for a major competition that I am currently a million miles away from in terms of standards and, frankly, can objectively be considered certifiable for even considering.  So why am I doing this and why have I chosen to sit down for the first time in months and write this unedited, just put what comes into your mind, post? Two things I guess.  First, this sport has become incredibly important to me.  Perhaps more so than I realised but which being away from it for so long has made palpably and painfully clear.  This particular competition was a poignant goal for me before the surgery and there is a part of me that can’t bring myself to let it go.  Secondly, I wanted to capture my immediate response to all this to remind myself of why, when the going gets tough, I am doing it.  That is, that it really does mean everything to me and the sense of competing in this event and (hopefully) holding my own, regardless of outcome, is something that I will be incredibly proud of achieving.

So there we have it.  Crazy decisions, crazy ramblings.  I will dig down in subsequent posts about the surgery and post-op recovery but for now, this is me.  Holding myself accountable.  Not wishing for a miracle but just the commitment to make it happen.

Over and out for now x

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