November 6, 2011
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November 6, 2011 TFW


Here at TFW we are always on the hunt for the perfect notebook.  Perhaps our attention is a little misplaced but nevertheless, sometimes only pen and paper will do; be it simply to capture ideas on the go or to take meeting notes without looking like you are secretly catching up on emails. However, finding a stylish, practical notepad has proven to be somewhat elusive.  Until now.

The Merchant & Mills Observations Oilskin Notebook is the perfect example of traditional and durable design.  The notebook comes with a Merchant & Mills pencil and is sized at A6, making it big enough to be useful but small enough to be portable.  The notepad slips into the British oilskin sleeve and can be replaced making the £24 price tag more reasonable (given the cost of single-use equivalents).

The Observations Notebook is just one of a number of great gift ideas offered by Merchant & Mills.  Merchant & Mills want to return couture to the public; selling clothes and accessories patterns together with traditional sewing accessories and materials (such as oilskin).  This makes the majority of their products sewing related but also includes a broader range of products (such as the Observations Notebook) including art and stationery, making the Merchant & Mills website well worth a look.

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