February 14, 2014

Grown & Sewn

Another guaranteed stop for menswear in New York is Grown & Sewn, which is conveniently located in TriBeCa a few blocks away from Best Made Co.  Launched in 2010 by former Ralph Lauren designer Rob Magness, Grown & Sewn New York offers a refreshingly small range of menswear and, in doing so, has managed to achieve that elusive ideal of business – create a product, create it well, keep creating it and people will return.   For Grown & Sewn this product was a trouser that offered an alternative to denim, originating with KAX, their denim/khaki hybrid that utilises premium materials and authentic design to create a durable trouser that stands the test of time.  It is an objective that they have met well – our visit to their New York store arose from originally buying a pair of their trousers two years ago at the Common (now Taylor Stitch) in San Francisco, which remain in great condition.  The reason for the success of their trouser though lies not simply in great quality but also in great fit, we struggle to find anything that compares and hence the need to stock up when we are State-side.

Grown & Sewn have now expanded into other clothing items and accessories, which meet the same commitment to high quality.  In doing so, they have managed to stay true to their heritage roots, a term that is oft-utilised in mens fashion but not always credibly met.  However, this is perhaps indicative of an organisation that has integrity firmly embedded within its culture, which commits to paying living wages and reducing its impact on the physical environment.  It does so by making sure that all its products are made in the US, which also enables them to keep tight control of quality.  Given this culture it is no surprise that the staff at the New York flagship store are incredibly friendly, a great help in ensuring you get the right fit and clearly genuinely committed to the brand. If you are in the area, the store is definitely worth a visit, not least to see all the tailoring curios from years gone by.

Grown & Sewn

Grown & Sewn

Grown & Sewn Grown & Sewn

The facts: Grown & Sewn are located at 116 Franklin Street NY NY10013.   Opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday: midday – 6.30pm.  Their website is here and their twitter handle is @GrownandSewn

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