July 2, 2016
July 2, 2016 TFW


So, it’s finally here. After some fairly hasty goodbyes and a very wonderful welcome to the newest member of our family I am heading off for my summer in the (New York) City.

Ahhh New York, New York so good they named it twice. The only place in the world where I can travel 6,000 miles from where I live and feel like I am coming home. And what a home it is. For the next four weeks I will be living in a Brooklyn brownstone resplendent with exposed brick, black window frames and the smallest closets known to mankind. So far, so authentic.

The neighbourhood seems great – an owner-managed coffee shop that I am reliably informed offers a decent cup of Joe (again, replete with exposed brick) is only a block away, as are a few decent looking cafés. Apparently, weekly block parties are fairly common so I am looking forward to those and meeting my new neighbours. Meanwhile, the local farmers’ market comes highly recommended so I am heading there today with my new roommates, which will be an opportunity to explore the local area in more detail.  Thereafter there may be a plan to head to the meatpacking district, which may or may not involve Angela Roi and Chelsea Market

A short post today as I still can’t quite believe I am here. This trip has been so long in the planning but even longer in the wishing. It is only possible thanks to some incredibly important people, sadly not all of whom are here to witness it. Others who have helped more than they probably know. All of who I remain eternally grateful to.   So, here’s to an incredible adventure and making every minute of it count.

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